June23, 2002 - Pentecost Sunday (Orthodox calendar)



Eight years in the making this unique chalice and accompanying paten were commissioned by St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Washington, DC in 1994. They were designed and originally crafted by sculptor H. Reed Armstrong and subsequently cast in sterling silver by the American Heritage Foundry of Leesburg Virginia. Liners of pure silver were spun and embedded by Terry Fletcher of Baltimore, MD, The Gold Crosses were fabricated and applied by master silversmith Ronald William Merson also of Baltimore MD. The final finishing and polishing were done by Mr. Merson as well. The Chalice measures 16 inches tall by 8 inches in diameter and the paten is 10 inches tall by 9 inches diameter.


Some steps along the way to completion and final delivery

Fr. John Tavlerides receiving the chalice from Reed Armstrong

 Initial drawings for the project

Applying the plastilene to the mahogany model

preparing the molds for lost wax casting

 The gold crosses before application

 The paten with the gold cross fixed in place

 The chalice before final assembly


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Albeit the bottom line,

It is our sincere hope that this project, which involved the efforts of believing Christians of divergent traditions, will in some way help bring together into cohesive union all those who partake of the body and blood of the Savior in the one Mystical Body of Christ both here and in eternity




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