Hamilton Reed Armstrong






                             Some Past Church and Public Monument Commissions

                Adoración del Cordero Celestial”

Retablo in cast stone and bronze depicting the heavenly adoration of the Lamb in the parish church of San Antonoio Abad,Curriana, Malaga Spain, 1968



 These 16 foot cast aluminum doors, shown below were installed in Fuengirola , on the Costa del Sol, in Spain in 1975. The theme of the work is the Apostles Creed. This piece was a featured work in the Spanish language edition of the UNESCO Encyclopedia of World History representing the creation and the right hand panel (stage left) representing the work of Salvation.






Sorrowing angel, International Cemetery,

Benamádena, Spain 1974






Solomon ben Gabirol , 11th century Jewish poet-philosopher

Malaga, Spain, 1972   



 Monument to Motherhood... Llanes, Asturias, Spain. This statue, dedicated in 1975 is affectionately known locally as "Abuela" (Grand Mother) and children usually have their First Communion pictures taken sitting in her lap.




 St. Joseph, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 1987



“Maria Purisima,” Ave Maria School of Law, 1994





7 archetypes of Christ from the Old Testament from Abel to  Melchesadech as depicted in  Stone on the face of the altar at Holy Trinity Church, Malaga Spain, 1976 








St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Washington, DC, 1992



Processional Crosses